Front Room
54 Hudson Ave.
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Please join us Thursday, July 31st at 7pm for a special evening of performance and food. We will be presenting Katiushka Melo's new body of work, Behind Closed Doors as well as a beautiful spread to accompany.

Behind Closed Doors is a body of work created while on residency in Partapur, India in the state of Rajasthan. The series focuses on the homes of the Bohra community and the traditions of the Rebari, which were predominant in the area surrounding the residency. Each window grates of the Bohra's homes had a host of vibrant color and design. After hour upon hour spent documenting these grates and padlocked doors they finally opened up to reveal entire families and Katiushka was able to have long conversations, dance and break bread in family and tradition. On view is a documentation of this experience and a small window to these communities. 

A family-style Indian dinner will be prepared by Katiushka where you will sample bits of Indian flavors all while enjoying a performance by Ehren Hanson on Tabla and Camila Celin on Sarod.

The Front Room is a new gallery-showroom-boutique offering full service consultancy in art acquisition, design and lifestyle, alongside a highly curated collection of artwork and objects. Nestled on a charming street in the heart of the historic Vinegar Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn, The Front Room will be open during the summer months and will host a lineup of special gatherings.

by Underline Projects
54 Hudson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Katiushka will be performing August 1st-3rd, 3-6pm

Tickets for this event are limited.