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Taste Of The Ottoman Kitchen - November 8th, 3pm

This is the first of a series of cooking classes + tasting. If you are a more hands on kind of person or would like to learn more, join us for an evening of Ottoman cooking from the 1001 nights. We will be making different mezes from the Ottoman Empire's famous kitchen where Greek, Armenian, Byzantine and Turkish chefs created thousands of dishes for their emperor using the freshest Mediterranean ingredients and spices from the Silk Road. You will learn to make palace style hummus to the sultan's favorite autumn desert with pumpkins from upstate New York. If this sounds delicious, but you have no time to cook this reserve just for the tasting. Reserve your seat today!

A preview of some culinary goodness: In The Mood For on Instagram

All dishes are guaranteed made by hand with love! All ingredients are seasonal and sourced locally. 

Cooking Class is for 10. Tasting is for 20. This is a BYOB event. Please note dietary restrictions during checkout.

Taste of the Ottoman Kitchen - November 8th, 3pm I Cooking + Tasting
from 80.00

Each seat includes a cooking class + tasting of the Ottoman flavors

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Taste of the Ottoman Kitchen - November 8th, 5pm I Tasting
from 40.00

Each seat a evening of Ottoman flavors

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