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Gathering is back with many new flavors sought out from the far reaches of Chiloe, an island south of Chile and from the driest desert in the world, Atacama Desert. Come savor this at the next Gathering on Friday, February 19th. Many of the ingredients were sourced from the local markets of Chile. Ideas were collected along the way while capturing the most beautiful landscape. Come delve into the cuisine of Chile.

While on an artist residence in Chiloe I was lucky to collaborate with a Huilliche Mapuche (indigenous from the south of Chile). She was my guide while making the most traditional dish called curanto.  This dish dates back 6,000 years and means "stony ground" in Mapudungun (the mapuche language). A large hole is dug into the ground and a fire is lit at the bottom topped with a mound of stones.  When the sides of the pit are well heated, it is a sign that it is ready to receive the infinite variety of foods that make up the curanto: potatoes, sausage, pork, lamb, and all kinds of shellfish, mainly clams, of which there are an abundance.  Then they cover the bottom and sides of the pit with leaves of fern or nalca, and continue adding the foods mentioned above in layers, separated one from another and with plenty of seasonings, until the pit is completely full. The top is covered with nalca leaves and left to steam for hours.

Come experience pulmay -a curanto made in a pot- at the next Gathering. Join me on Friday, February 19th at 8pm.

Gathering - February 19th, 8pm Seating
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A preview of some culinary goodness: In The Mood For on Instagram

All dishes are guaranteed made by hand with love! All ingredients are seasonal and sourced locally. 

Seating is for 12. Dinner will be a multi-course experience and include wine. Please note dietary restrictions during checkout.

Earlier Event: January 14
GATHERING - JANUARY 14 & 21, 8pm