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TRIL GATHERING - Thursday, September 3rd

Asli and Gaston are celebrating their move to NY and the imminent launch of their social recommendation app TRIL. 

TRIL is a social recommendations network that allows users to discover movies, tv shows, music, restaurants and more from people they trust.

They are looking to gather with interesting people from the food, music and film world, whether you are a maker, a blogger, a connoisseur or an aficionado. 

You are invited to join them on Thursday, September 3rd at 8pm at In The Mood Food For's new Gathering venue for a night with good food, music and conversations. Come to the debut of Gathering in Bed Stuy.


757 Jefferson Ave. apt 1
Brooklyn, NY 11221

TRIL Gathering - September 3rd, 8pm
from 65.00

Each seat includes food and good vibes. 

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